General terms and sales conditions


In order to make an order and purchase Aldeco’s products, you should fill in the “New Client Form”, providing us information about your company and yourself: your name, telephone number and e-mail address, which are true, accurate, current and complete. Should any of your registration information change in future you are required to amend it as soon as possible.

Purchase Order
The minimum purchase quantity is one meter.
The purchase orders must be placed by communicating in written. Aldeco reserves the right to modify the validity period of a collection or to interrupt the manufacture of an article or product without prior notice; as a result, purchase orders shall not become final until accepted by Aldeco.
After acceptence, no modification or cancellation will be permitted.
We will accept order cancellation only by fax or e-mail within 4 hours from the order. If the cancellation is made after this period of time, Aldeco will proceed to a penalty charge to the client.

Selling on Samples
Normally, selling is made by the method of sample showing.
A sample shows approximately the quality of the goods.
Eventually, diferences of color, length, weight, finishing or design may occur.

Price list
The applicable price list shall be the price list in effect at the order date.

Delivery Times
The delivery times given are merely indicative. In the event of late delivery, the Client may not cancel the contract without first sending Aldeco a formal written request to perform its obligations by email or fax.

Inspection of merchandise received
The merchandise is transported at the Client’s risk.

Upon receipt, the client shall inspect the condition of packages, the quantity, and reference number of each item and express in written, on the delivery note, any reservations, confirmed by a registered letter sent to the carrier if the delivered product has been damaged during shipment.
The Client shall also make sure that the instructions for installation and operation are included and inform Aldeco if they are missing. Whenever the order is delivered to a third party, it is the responsibility of that third party to make sure that they receive the correct merchandise and quantities in proper condition.
It is the responsibility of the Client to indicate the exact delivery address, a telephone number and the name of a contact.
If the client does not perform inspection of the merchandise received, Aldeco shall be entitled to compensation from the client for any damage resulting from failure to perform such inspection.

In the event of failure to pay all or part of the invoice on the due date, without good cause, despite the receipt of formal notice to make such payment, the balance due shall be increased by 10% plus interest at 2% above the statutory rate.
Aldeco reserves the right to retain title to the merchandise until it has been fully paid for.

After-Sales Service
Any complaint must be made within 8 days after receiving the package by registered letter with receipt aknowledge, or by fax. Such complaints must mention the order number and/or customer reference, the quantity, and the exact reason for the request. All requests must contain a photograph or a sample of the product.
The Client shall inspect the products before use; no complaint may be accepted after laying or tailoring.
Aldeco assumes no liability for inapropriate use of the product or inapropriate storage conditions or failure to follow the instructions for installation and/or maintenance of the product.

Fabric Characteristics
The technical constraints related to the various production tools may lead to differences in dye / bathing.
No complaints regarding a deviation in dye / bathing from the catalogue will be accepted.
All fabrics have a natural shrinkage when you wash or dry them, our tolerance is 3%.
Percentage of shrinkage can change from textile to textile, from fiber to fiber.
Fabrics in dark colors can lose color after rubbing, this phenomenon is more visible in Velvet textiles. This is a characteristic of the fabric and not a defect. In this case, no claims will be accepted.
Differences on repeats and / or width within the 3% tolerance won’t be accepted.
In design with vertical repeat, even if technically is well made, the perfect alignment is not guaranteed, specially in silks and some designs.
Fabrics made with natural fibers (Cotton, Silk, Linen, Jute) are subject to size changes due to humidity.
Silk – All silk textiles used for curtains must be lined.
The natural and artificial lights can damage the silk and it can lose its original color.
The color change is not a defect and we won’t accept claim´s for silk not lined.
On handmade fabrics, like silk – you can find slubs, knots and or shadows. They are typical characteristics of the silk.
Please advert your customer that they are not defects, but natural characteristics of the fabric.
We are not responsible in any case for making up costs.

Return of merchandise
All returns are subject to express authorization of Aldeco, and it is expressly stipulated that Aldeco shall refuse any returns of merchandise in small quantities (like fabrics less than 3 meters in length).
It is the Client’s responsibility to return the merchandise in good condition, accompanied by the complaint form and, whenever possible, in its original packaging, within 30 days after receipt of authorization for the return of merchandise.
In the case of returns that are not under the responsibility of Aldeco, the transport shall be chargeable to the Client and 20% of the value of the returned merchandise shall be deducted in the form of a voucher.

Intellectual property
The products supplied by Aldeco may be subject to intellectual property rights belonging to Aldeco or to third parties.
The Client agrees to respect such rights.

The liability of Aldeco shall be limited to the purchase price of the products involved. Under no circumstances shall Aldeco be liable for any indirect, incidental, direct or subsequent damages, including, without limitation, any foregone profit or other economic damage.

This contract shall be governed by the Portuguese law. Any disputes shall be referred exclusively to the commercial court having territorial jurisdiction over the head office of Aldeco, even in the event of a plurality of defendants, third-party impleader, or counterclaims

The client is not authorized to sell ALDECO products in another territory than the one his head office is officially registered in, unless ALDECO gives written approval. Nor is he authorized to sell ALDECO products on the internet if access to the site is possible from another country other than the one its head office is officially registered in.

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