The Tropical Nature is so inspiring and contagious, that it got us even more in love for its power and beauty, which is transmitted to each one of us. With this environment, we have developed fabrics and wallpapers to connect with it.
Green is the main tone! Green is life, joy, hope, light and energy! GREEN IS TROPICAL VIBES! We present you an explosion of colors and floral, graphic, printed, embroidered and jacquard designs, from which you can feel a strong connection between Man and Nature, enhancing the had-made chic concept. These fabrics create an environment with a special touch of Tropical Décor and with the magic of positive vibrations, which is our main focus for this collection.

List of Fabrics:

In 14 colors, we present “Weekend”, a printed fabric with an exquisite touch, which simulates serge, giving it a cool, young, comfy look, like jeans do. Perfect for upholstery with high Martindale results.

Jacquard fabric for upholstery with high Martindale results (100.000)! It’s a micro design which makes this fabric a “false plain” with a discreet and elegant look.
Presented in 16 trendy and soft colors.

100% printed linen fabric. Design which symbolizes the tropical leafage! Single color with mixed, very fresh and distinct greens!
Green is the main color of the collection!

Upholstery/Jacquard velvet. Impressive jacquard velvet, which simulates the texture, we can find in Nature, such as a leaf, or moss.
Spectacular and sophisticated fabric, with a very interesting method of production. It has a jacquard base and an equally jacquard pile, presenting impressive color nuances and shades in degrade.

Jacquard fabric. Geometric and exotic design, from which we pretend to make you feel the relaxed tropical environment. 30% of Cupro yarn in this fabric, provides unique elegance in the reflection of the colors like as it if was a silk, but with a much higher resistance.
There’s an entire world of positive energies and tropical vibrations in the 5 colors we present you.
A regenerated cellulose fiber derived from cotton linter (the ultrafine, silky fibers that stick to the seeds of the cotton plant after it’s been ginned) that has been dissolved in a solution of ammonia and copper oxide.

Hand-made chic look. The inspiration to create this design, is the mix between the rainbow and tropical fruit.
Modern embroidered design, all-over, 100% Linen and yarn dyed. Single tropical color!

Hand-made chic look. The inspiration for this design comes from the connection between Nature and all that unites us as a whole.
Embroidery all-over, 100% Linen, yarn dyed. Combination of tropical colors.

Digital print in a satin base, of a 100%CO high quality fabric, mercerized. Wonderful to the touch, and the way that it “falls” as a drape. The inspiration consisted in the beauty, elegance and delicacy of the hummingbird.
Presented in 2 colors: dazzling blue and tropical green.

Digital print, mercerized 100%CO, 135cm width, single color. An explosion of strokes of a Monet painting interpreting the beauty of nature.
The inspiration comes from a look, with its very own light, of a tropical forest.

100% Cotton, mercerized fabric, embroidered with elegant stripes formed by a small pieds de poule design. Single and elegant color, with an irreverent and tropical touch.

Embroidered fabric, allover, mercerized in a single and explosive color! We pretend that the tropical colors’ combination, have a truly impact in you, causing positive vibrations.

Single color in an embroidered all over and multi color design. 100% Cotton fabric of high quality in a graphic and geometric design.

Spectacular fabric, with a printed and embroidered design which enhances the beauty of its’ colors. 100% mercerized cotton, in a singular color! It’s As if we have dived in a world of limpid and pure crystal colors of tropical coral.

Upholstery fabric with a very natural look. Multicolor boucle effect, yarn dyed. It can be washed at 30º C. Presented in 9 versatile colors, which can contrast between themselves.

With a very comfy and silky touch, we present this velvet in 24 colors. 100.000 Martindale. We will be presenting as well the FR version of this fabric: STOPFIRE. Special colors can be developed starting from 300m.

Jacquard satin fabric with 280cm width.The perfect symbiosis of a graphic structural design that simulates a stripe with a smooth wave of fingerprints. Presented in an interesting 17 shade’s variations pallete.

Spectacular! Jacquard fabric with a tridimensional structural effect. Graphic and geometric design and Its’ inspiration comes from the tech world, where we can mix nature with the infinite world of the web (www), like the social networks, for instance.
280cm width; 12 colors. Perfect for bedspreads and drapes.

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