1. JOURNEY II – MUST HAVE!! After the success of Journey I , now we present this fantastic compilation of more than 144 sheers.

2. DREAM CATCHER – In this book we present an amazing upholstery fabrics combination with one new chenille look ottoman , 2 new velvets with digital prints, jacquard and plain velvets.

3. WANDERLUST – The master book represents the desire from traveling and the cultural feeling between: the elegance and the eclectic, smoked, faux finishes, shades and textured effects creating the noble and sensual designs of the Mystic Chic collection.
The palette is warm in the masala combination colours, very natural and sensual in the cloud and greige colours.

New colours: Marsala, Curry, Ocre, Deep and Baltic blue and the new aqua greige.

List of Fabrics:

Jacquard chenille fabric with the “Faux Finishes”  look where the construction has a very uneven effect, producing a surface with worn finish similar to stones and ancient woods. Width 140 cm in 8 neutral colours and with grey and bluish reflections.
FR fire retardant fabric with BS5652 – Source 0.


Fabric ideal for upholstery, very textured and with very natural look, like a full-bodied linen.
With 140 cm wide, abd available in 17 colours. This fabric also has the advantage of being fire retardant: classification BS5652 – Source 0.


Smooth transparency with FR yarn, looks like linen and with blended effect.
A very diverse palette with 10 colours and 300 cm wide. We suggest this transparency to coordinate with our young collection of fabrics “La Grand Kermesse”.


“In between” fabric with 290 cm wide and 980 g/ml.
Fabric double-sided with Chevron design, featuring two design effects and tones. available in 5 colours with a total of 10 different shades.
We point out that this linen can be washed at 30ºC.


Jacquard velvet with geometric design, where the geometry is the frame, with martindale 25.000 CC and a width of 140 cm.
Available in 7 colours that coordinate perfectly with the colours of this collection, the Backing in FR reaches the classification of Crib 5 BS5652.


Jacquard fabric with geometric design and ethnic trend.
With 290 cm wide in 4 colours: Creamy, Light Taupe, Marsala and Dark Taupe.


Plain Fabric, double-sided, with satin look on one face and linen look on the other. We present 6 references with 2 sides and shades each, with a total of 12 tones. The composition is 68% LI and 32% PL with 290 cm width.


Embroidered transparency with 280 cm wide. Presented in 3 colours: Pearl, Greige and Marsala.
The design inspiration comes from the natural framing of the ropes.


Plain velvet printed fabric where movements symbolize the state of liberation achieved by the Human Being going through the spiritual quest.
We present four prominent tones with 140 cm wide and martindale > 50,000 CC.


This fabric arirses from the chess effect micro motives. It belongs to the “in between”  fabrics category, with 290 cm wide and presented in 3 colours: Bright Pastel, Warm Autumn and Storm Grey.


Plain fabric with wool appearence in the “in between” category. Considered a Must Have, with 300cms wide and available in 5 neutral and natural colours.


Transparency with natural and textured effect and 300 cms wide. One of the Must Haves of this collection. Presented in 4 natural colours, one slightly warm colour and 1 masculine tone.


Transparency with linen look, with printed design thet looks like stripes aged by time. Width 290 cm, presented  in 4 shades in a very neutral palette, with bluish reflections.


Fabric 100% Linen with vintage look and a masculine touch due to the micro design used. Presented in 5 neutral colours and elegant contrast, with 290 cm wide.
We point out that this linen can be washed at 30º C.


Based on our Mirage velvet we present Kajal: A fabulous digital printed velvet representing the simple, yet complex construction of enclosed materials and a reduced rapport from the printed velvet Kochi. Fabric with 140 cm wide and martindale 50,000 CC, presented in 3 very characteristic tones: Marsala, Curry and Deep Ocean.


Transparency in silk mesh construction rather textured, reminding raffia. With 305 / 315 cm wide and presented in 4 very natural tones.


Transparency with linen look, slightly textured, very neutral and natural. Presented in 6 colours that comply with a very natural concept, reflecting water / bluish.


This is a fabric formed by 2 thread groups crossing at right angles to each other. Chenille yarns are woven into the fabric. Chenille is naturally soft and voluminous, giving the fabric a firm and soft feel. The fuller / heavier the chenille yarns are, the softer a chenille fabric will be. Composed by 60% PL, 34% PAC and 6% VI, with a width of 138 cm.


Jacquard fabric with structure symbolizing the most dramatic and mysterious part of this collection. We want the “Faux finish” to have a lot of prominence. Width 140 cm and martindale 25,000 CC.


Satin jacquard with the irregular effect of ottoman, 140 cm wide and 50.000 CC martindale. Presented in 5 colours, which represent very nicely the palette of this collection.


Based on our Mirage velvet we present Kochi: A fabulous digital printed fabric representing the simple, yet complex construction of enclosed materials. Fabric with 140 cm wide and martindale 50,000 CC and presented in 4 tones.


Jacquard transparency with geometric design with zig-zag effect. Width 315 cm, presented in three neutral shades and light contrast.


Kim is a development of our Key fabric, which was created through a set of structures and smoky stripes. With a width of 140 cm, we present 14 fantastic colours that stand out in this collection.


Magnificent design that symbolizes the beauty of oriental carpets. We present in this fabric the strength and mystique side of this collection.
With 50.000 CC martindale and width 140 cm, this fabric is presented in 2 very special colours: Red Shade and Port Wine Shade.


Satin jacquard with design inspired in the mandala drawing. Width 140 cm, presented in 8 colors and with martindale > 40.000 CC.


We present a satin with embossed embroidery with a small geometric design, that represents the naturalness of the construction of ropes. Width 140 cm  and available in 4 colors.


Satin with elegant jacquard design that symbolizes the lace used in the Dream Catchers. We present this fabric in 6 colours with 140 cm wide and martindale > 45,000 CC.


Textured and opaque fabric with gorgeous look and 300 cm wide. 100% Polyester and available in 25 colors. We also present this fabric in  a fireproof version with certification equivalent to M1/B1/BS/AO7 CREW / IMO.


Chenille with construction based on the classic ottoman, developed in 16 colours with a vintage tone scale.
Width 140 cm and martindale > 50.000 CC.


Illusive is a changeant voile, 100% Trevira CS with lead band. It is 300 cm wide and it’s available in 13 colors.

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