17 – 19 NOV 2020

We invite you to visit us at the next edition of DECOREX Virtual Event.
We will be presenting our new INVICTA Collection 2020.

Decorex recently caught up with Portuguese textile brand, Aldeco to learn about their work, products and rich history. Delving into the intricacies of their work and inspiration, they help us to ascertain why fabrics are so vital in synchronising a room’s overall arrangement.
Aldeco Invicta Collection
Aldeco are joining our community this year as a Decorex Virtual exhibitor, displaying their unique designs and high-quality collections on the seamless digital platform. To learn more about the features of our 2020 design event, click here >>.

What power do textiles and fabrics have in uplifting a room’s arrangement and bringing it to life?  
Harnessing beautiful patterns and the latest technologies in textile creation can transform a chair, sofa or window seat into an entirely new piece. Adding decorative items like cushions will accentuate features of your furniture in a way you’d never imagined they could. Fabrics can give the ultimate character to a room; they’re so versatile and can be applied to any piece of furniture.

Can you share a little about the history of the Aldeco brand?  
Aldeco Interior Fabrics is a Portuguese textile brand; we are editors and textile specialists. We create and offer a variety of fabrics for the interior decoration and interior architecture markets. We consider ourselves a brand of the world, with international distribution in over 60 countries. Aldeco have exclusive showrooms in Madrid, Porto, Lisbon and Vilamoura in Algarve. The brand was founded back in 1993 by Alberto Dias, whose daughters Susana Dias and Magda Dias later followed in his footsteps to take up roles in the business.
Our collections stand out for their originality, often inspired by the world’s heritage and culture – developed by a talented design department who show passion and innovation and are always in tune with fashion trends. We create irreverent concepts through original fabrics that obey very demanding standards regarding design and quality.

How would you describe the style of Aldeco’s designs?  
Aldeco is recognised as a brand that’s very strong in creating the perfect symbiosis between modern and contemporary along with history’s heritage. This is a very unique characteristic, and that’s what makes up the DNA of our collections. All these ingredients, together with a fashion twist full of elegance and boldness, result in what we call our own.

Talk us through one of your latest collections – what was the inspiration?  
Our latest collection is named Invicta; the name itself has connotations of glory and strong displays of personality and character. The collection explores two powerful inspirations: one being nature and botany and the other being the Tiébélé tribe and Bauhaus – and especially Anni Albers, with the celebration of her centenary as a woman and artist, exploring geometric and ethnic elements.

Are there any particular colour palettes that you are favouring at the moment?  
Lately, we have been very fond of the colours that are most dominant in nature, such as green and blue shades. Another colour that we have been developing within our collections is a more elegant and neutral nude colour.

Do you use natural materials in order to make up your textiles?  
Yes, we use lots of natural materials and, more recently, we have been adding recycled fibres to our collections. We have become more and more aware of the ecological issues that we are faced with. As a family company, Aldeco is very committed to decreasing its ecological footprint and becoming greener so the following generations can enjoy this beautiful world. We are always investing in and searching for ways to make the most of the latest technologies, not only provide great results with natural fibres but also to reduce wastage and decrease chemicals in colouring processes.

What other design brands inspire you? 
We are never directly inspired by other brands. Our Creative Director is especially attentive to the design landscape and captures trends almost instinctively. Having a very accurate photographic memory and a strong sensitivity to details is a blessing, and that makes her a great collector of daily inspiration!  The challenge and adrenaline of creation is what motivates us the most. We always keep up with fashion trends and that’s why we are always up to date, even though our legacy is full of history.

Aldeco will be showcasing their unique collections at Decorex Virtual 2020. The design event will be hosted on a digital platform that incorporates video meetings, digital speed networking sessions, a vast product index and other unique features – including a 3-D visualisation experience to leave you brimming with inspiration.


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