AmazinK – this will make you thinK

Imagine you could enjoy the beauty of master pieces in your own home.
Letting your skin caress the soft velvet paintings, to amaze, to feel and let your surroundings become part of you.

As a portuguese brand, we are paying tribute to one of the most important artists of the modern era: Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso, a portuguese painter who contributed to the growth of the artistic movement in the 20th century.

This collection is a VIP admission to a unique exhibition – in your home.

List of Fabrics:

– AmazinK Velvet

A fabulous digital printed velvet representing the work of the portuguese painter Amadeo de Souza-Cardoso. This velvet has the same name as the collection, as it is the most representative of his paintings. Fabric presented in 3 very charming colors: Porto Tawny, Porto Passion and Green Landscape.
Composition: Overall: 55% Vi + 45% Co – Pile: 100% Vi
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 655 g/ml
Martindale:  > 100.000

– Braille

This is an upholstering fabric, formed by two layers, one thin foam underneath and a soft velvet on top, giving it the quilted look. This fabric has a very peculiar characteristic: the layers are gathered throughout a dotted design that resembles the braille technique. If we close our eyes, this soft velvet still “looks” – (feels) amazing!
Composition: Overall: 100% Pl + Pile: 100% Pl
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 685 g/ml
Martindale: > 100.000

– Canvas FR with Teflon

Textured and opaque upholstery fabric with gorgeous look. Available in 13 beautiful and trendy colors. This washable fabric has teflon and is also fire retardant.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 147 cm
Martindale: 25.000

– Cavalry

Cavalry is a double width, textured and opaque drapery fabric with natural linen look. Available in 6 beautiful and natural colors.
Composition: 53% PL + 19% LI + 28% VI
Width: 290 cm
Weight: 1554 g/ml

– Daisy

Daisy is a fabric structured by an elegant geometric micro-motive that is highlighted in a neutrally toned transparency.
Width is 320 cm and it’s made of polyester, wool and modal. This drape has a fantastic soft touch like kashmir and has lead band. The color palette is in a neutral and soft color scale.
Composition: 49% MD + 39% PL + 12% WO
Width: 320 cm
Weight: 243 g/ml

– Essential

Essential is a Fire Retardant soft chenille fabric for upholstery which yarns directions creates a faux effect. This 100% polyester fabric is available in 36 beautiful and trendy colors and 26 of them are available for immediate delivery.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 473 g/ml
Martindale: 100.000

– Filament Velvet

The whole three different and complex techniques (chenille, multicolored jacquard and bouclé), make Filament Velvet such a rich and special fabric. This phenomenal fabric is 140 cm wide, it’s appropriate for upholstery and is available in a variety of 4 trendy colors: 5th Avenue, Purple Rain, Blue Mood and Shades of Gray.
Composition: 68% VI + 16% PL + 16% CO
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 908 g/ml
Martindale: 30.000 CC

– Flat

Flat is a double width fabric for curtains, with a soft texture and it’s available in 5 natural and stone shades.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 246 g/ml

– Flax FR

This 100% polyester fabric is like a tight net. It’s FR feature makes it perfect for contract projects with nature approach. This double width fabric is available in 9 natural and neutral colors.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 298 cm
Weight: 542 g/ml

– Float

Float is a super trendy jacquard fabric with irregular texture. It looks like it has two layers: a shiny layer at the bottom, and a more matte layer, that seems to be “floating”.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 285 cm
Weight: 729 g/ml

– Grain

Grain is a super soft fabric made in bouclé technique, which gives it a trendy body and look. This fabric is perfect for draperies and decoration, as it is double width.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 285 cm
Weight: 731 g/ml

– Ground

Ground is a heavy and full bodied fabric, very suitable for contract projects, as it is Fire Resistant and has a very high martindale tests results. The wide color palette available for immediate delivery, makes Ground a very handy partner for projects.
Composition: 50% CO + 50% PL
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 730 g/ml
Martindale: > 100.000 CC.

– Ivy

Ivy is a heavy fabric with natural looking and double width. Ivy is a beautiful jacquard fabric with ethnic drawings. Suitable for curtains, decoration and light upholstery.
Composition: 29%LI + 29% PL + 42% VI
Width: 280 cm
Weight: 952 g/ml
Martindale: 26.000 CC.

– Knop FR

Knop FR is a 100% polyester organza, available in a variety of 17 colors that will suit every contract project.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 132 g/ml

– Leaf FR

Leaf FR is a 100% polyester matte organza, available in a variety of 18 colors that will suit every contract project.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 132 g/ml

– Linex

Linex is a double width fabric for curtain. The lighter color strings in this fabric, gives it the texture of linen. Linex is available in 10 smart colors.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 360 g/ml

– Lucie

Lucie is a heavy fabric with natural looking and double width. Lucie is a beautiful jacquard fabric with chevron drawings. Suitable for curtains, decoration and light upholstery.
Composition: 29% LI + 29% PL + 42% VI
Width: 280 cm
Weight: 952 g/ml
Martindale: 26.000 CC.


 Rok is born from our plain curtain Raw fabric, where the addition of stripes in multi-colored gradient, turns Rok into a very special fabric.

Composition: 100% PL
Width: 320 cm
Weight: 384 g/ml

– Sluby

Sluby is a soft fabric that has irregular slubs, resembling a silk fabric construction. Available in 12 natural colors, Sluby is an elegant choice for curtains.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 255 g/ml

– Sucesso

Sucesso in portuguese means Success and it’s the answer to the most demanding interior designers prayers: This velvet is the perfect symbiosis between the biggest softness that a velvet can provide and the highest martindale resistance with over 100.000 cycles; yet, the most remarkable feature of this velvet is it’s width: 300 cm! Therefore, Sucesso, that is available in 28 colors, is also perfect for curtains and drapery, or simply make the most of the width of this amazing velvet for resistant upholstery.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 915 g/ml
Martindale: > 100.000 CC

– Trendy FR

must have of this collection, Trendy is a very resistant and full bodied fabric that blends 2 or more colors in chenille yarns.
This is the solution to be bold and creative when decorating, thanks to Trendy’s palette colour.
Composition: 58% AC + 35 % TEXTURED PL + 3% VI + 4% PL
Width: 140 cm
Weight: 694 g/ml
Martindale: > 100.000 CC.

– Twill

Twill is a gorgeous and super soft fabric with diagonal stripes design. This fabric has an amazing wool feeling and drapes beautifully. The double width makes it perfect for elegant curtains.
Composition: 30% LI + 70% VI
Width: 290 cm
Weight: 1293g/ml


Union is a fabulous jacquard fabric, with embossed rectangular shapes, that creates a chevron design. Its elegant color palette brings us a great color range such as silver, nude, gold and copper shades, with a slight shine involved.
Composition: 51%LI + 49% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 483g/ml

– Unity

Unity is double width fabric for curtain, with dobby construction. Available in 7 natural shades.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 240 g/ml

– Upland

Upland is a double width fabric with dobby structure, very soft and with an amazing drape. From the elegant color palette, two colors stand out: Tiffany’s Blue e Blossom Pink.
Composition: 100% PL
Width: 300 cm
Weight: 264 g/ml

– Vogue

Vogue is a high quality cotton satin with a gorgeous and trendy geometric design. This beautiful fabric is suitable for upholstery, as it is very resistant with 30.000 cycles.
Composition: 100% CO
Width: 136 cm
Weight: 490 g/ml

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