Raising the uniqueness and the geometric strength of the beautiful details of Italian architecture in the Renaissance era, the Character Collection arises. A sophisticated and refined collection with a touch of opulence translated into elaborate embroidery and application of lurex threads of gold, silver and copper that brings us to the spatial and decorative grandeur of the churches and halls of the early seventeenth century.
Character also symbolizes the symbiosis of the detailed geometric designs of the elaborate pavements of the great Italian squares, distinguishing in a subtle and luxurious way motifs and micro motifs.
Character transmits sobriety, elegance, strength and opulence implemented in the Renaissance period.

List of Fabrics:

Barrok is born in this collection, as a perfect reminder of ancient history in a highly sophisticated jacquard fabric, mixing velvet with satin yarns in low relief. Based in old tiles, it shows a beautiful design where the floral and geometric, dance in an elegant and imperious way.

Geometric and elegant design inspired by walkways and stained glass windows of ancient times. Beside praises the timeless classicism of the hexagonal shape as being the main design.

Continuing the inspiration in urban structures of this book ́s concept, Belong arises.
Belong is an elegant fabric with a geometric and irregular texture reminding crocodile texture and micro-motives of sidewalks’ engravings and contemporary buildings.

The elegance of the ottoman as the fabric’s structure, aligned to the application of metallic yarn in silver shades, defines Believe.

The core of its’ inspiration were the architectonic details of the Renaissance era. This jacquard, with irregular and abstract texture, enhances the nobility and power of the marble stone.

The inspiration in the Renaissance era in this drawing evokes the timeless geometry of the sidewalks of the Duomo Square. We have designed this beautiful embroidery filled with golden and silverlurex yarns in a silk changeantbase which balances the ostentation and elegance of this concept.

The opulence, the ornamentation of the motifs highly elaborated, and the stuccos of the Renaissance’s architecture create this spectacular silk with a diversity of yarns in gold and silver developing a floral motif reflecting all of the richness mentioned previously.

The elegance of the geometry of the vaults of the great Renaissance churches, were the basis of our inspiration in this next fabric. In a set of circumferences and handmade effects of the yarnsin gold and silver, we high light this elegant design, modern and sophisticated in a fabric where silk prevails.

Babel originated by the wavy movement of the desert’s texture. A double face drape in a combination between a natural and mate side with a more sophisticated side with luminous reflexes that sends us back to nature, reminding the waves of the ocean.

Following the creation of the double-sided drape Babel, we developed a micro motif inspired by the natural forms of marine elements such as shells and conches.
The Look result can be considered sophisticated and contemporary.

A drape with history where the timeworn damask floats elegantly on a natural basis. The colour palette is developed between natural neutrals, earth tones and noble tones.

The shape obtained in textured patterns of nature as the interweaving of varied and irregular shapes of raffia strings and damp earth bubbling under the ground, created this magnificent Blisse fabric.

The combination between the naturalness of the micro-structure inspired in the hives and natural fibers such as linen and coon, is the perfect symbiosis of nature inserted in a sophisticated and urban set. The colour palette comes in warm, neutral and natural tones.

Blend is a fabric structured by an elegant geometric micro-motive which is highlighted in a transparency in neutral tones. Width of 330cm and 100% linen. Drape with a fantastic touch as kashmire. The colour palette is in neutral and soft tones.

As the name implies, Light is a close-woven fabric with a very light texture which gives a semi-transparency and elegance to this sheer with a width of 290cm. It has a raw beauty inherent to linen. We gave this fabric a special silicone finish making its’ touch and the way it falls especially tempting.

This 300cm width sheer in 100% linen, emphasizes its’ close-woven, with an elegant and light opacity. It has a vaporized special finish which gives the fabric a very comfortable touch. The colour palette it’s natural and dry, as the beauty of raw linen is.

Inspired by the richness of the mother-of-pearl of the inside shelf of an oyster and the peculiar and scintillating form of snails, Brave stands out in this collection, for its originality, brightness and luxury, perfectly combined with a high Martindale.

Highlighting the impermeability and resistance, Cascais emerges as a modern appeal, pragmatic and multi functional inspired by the rustic glazed ceramic. Technically, we highlight its’ FR finishing. High levels of efficiency and technology of this fabric makes it highly recommended for contract.

Beautiful Jacquard velvet, inspired in natural textures. Sophisticated fabric, with a very interesting method of production. It has a jacquard base and an equally jacquard pile with 50,000 Cc of Martindale presenting impressive colour nuances and shades in degrade.

Box FR is a velvet with short pile, natural texture in 17 colours. Martindale results are higher than 45.000. 140cm width. Very comfy to the touch!

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