Decorating is a pleasurable action, and now even more so due to the possibility of being done in a sustainable way. As all gestures (small and big) count in this process, we bring you some tips for a more impactful interior design on the quality of life and the preservation of our planet.

1 – Integrate old pieces into the decor

Refurnishing old furniture is one of the simplest ways to start a sustainable decor. There are several ways to reuse your furniture and one of them is to upholster it with elegant, sustainable and quality fabrics. Fabrics give undeniable character to each piece and dictate its personality. Try to always select sustainable fabrics in your production, or with easy-clean or water-repellent characteristics. Innovation in this sector is guiding this aspect towards more hybrid solutions, where you can reconcile outdoor and indoor fabrics, for integrated projects and with the characteristics that these technical super-fabrics give it.

 2 – Favor natural lighting

Even if the space you want to decorate does not have a large solar orientation or large windows, it is still possible to make the most of the daylight. For this you should choose light colors for both the walls and the furniture so that a greater reflection of light is possible and the space becomes more illuminated. This strategy improves the harmony of your space, making it more elegant and reduces the need to use artificial lighting and consequently reduces electricity consumption

3 – Choose environmentally friendly materials

Always try to use natural, sustainable or renewable materials. In the area of ​​Environment Decoration, Aldeco has been specializing in creating responses with eco-friendly fabrics and has been adding increasingly ecological and sustainable solutions to its range of offers. As an example, we have the 3 proposals from the latest collection, Future Healing, which includes the following fabrics: Rescue Easy Clean FR, Bio Recycled FR and Recycling.

Rescue Easy Clean FR fabric is undoubtedly the perfect answer to fight textile waste and pollution in the textile industry. This fabric is made from material derived from plastic bottles recovered from the oceans. It is a 100% sustainable resource because, in addition to cleaning the oceans, it does not generate any kind of waste in its production.

Bio Recycled FR is an upholstery fabric inspired by the beauty of classic tweed, made from Rolefin, an innovative yarn produced from pre-consumer textile waste, with the aim of reducing the carbon footprint. Thus, its production is reduced to zero in water consumption and limited in energy use, which allows to keep the environment clean and safe. This fiber has Recycled Claim Standard 2.0 Certification and is considered the most sustainable conventional synthetic fiber.

Recycling is a double width fabric, made up of yarns produced from pre- and post-consumer waste, thus avoiding the waste of materials and suitable for light upholstery. These recycled materials follow a certified production chain, with the aim of providing traceability throughout the entire process. The GLOBAL RECYCLED STANDARD (GRS) is one of the most important organizations internationally promoting responsible and sustainable development in the textile sector, in order to encourage the reduction of energy consumption and increase the quality of recycled products.

These textiles are 100% sustainable and are available in different colors, making them the right choice for those looking for sustainable decor elements.

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